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CalFABco has recently entered into a License Agreement with a Third Party for the Exclusive Limited Use and for Limited Sub-Licensing Rights of our proprietary EAS™ Technology, which includes and or pertains to, processes, parts, molds, right to manufacture molds, and contracted support for design and process consultation. The majority of our products, which are designed and or based on EAS™ Technology, will no longer be available, and will be marked as "Discontinued" unless such product(s) are currently in stock and or are partially completed and easily readied for sale as stock items. The partially completed products that are not easily readied for sales as Stock items, and any spare parts relating to any of the Discontinued Products will be offered for sale "As Is" either under "Spares" category or offered as part of, or accompanying product or kit, under the DIY Category/ies.

Wired Solutions

Our Wired products range from Basic ECM cables to Feature-Rich Active cables using embedded electronics. Our encapsulated terminations also range from using clear composites for LED visual assurance to incorporating our Industry Leading proprietary EAS™ technology process to create protective overmolds for IP68 Compliance.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless versions of our Wired counterparts, provide for Near-Field, Garage-Bay, Track-Side, and On-Road interfacing to and for local or Cloud-based Host Devices. Our Dongles wirelessly connect with PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smart Phones etc. Each has LED visual assurance and incorporates our Industry Leading proprietary EAS™ technology process to create protective device bodies for IP68 Compliance.


We now offer a number of accessories and interface products including extension cables, splicing kits, interconnect kits, Y-adapters, and other interconnect options for a variety of Motorcycles and Diagnostic Devices

MotorCycle ECM to PC/Smart Device Link Solutions
for Stock or Race ECM/ECU (Electronic Control Modules/Units)

Buell Motorcycle ECM Cable connected to PC or Smart Devices

Our ECM Motorcycle Tuning Products are designed to connect a Buell, Harley-Davidson or Zero Motorcycle ECMs or MBBs to a PC or other Smart Device for Engine Performance Diagnostics and Tuning.

Our ECM Tuning Products can be used in conjunction with ECM Tuning software applications including ECMSpy, TunerPRO, DirectLink, or other Free or Commercially available software. Our Harley products are designed to be used with Harley Screamn' Eagle Tuners such as SERT, SESPT, and SEPST and equivalent MasterTune Boxes having same fitment properties. Supported operating environments including Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Smart Devices. (iOS usability requires installation and use of RDP sessions on hosted systems or Android Emulators)

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All our cables are designed, manufactured and tested In-house with some components and assemblies provided by fabrication partners in North America, using only quality products designed for professional, commercial and industrial use.

Our current, new, soon-to-be-released wired and wireless products will all be North American Made and sold Globally.

Also, we've just launched our new site featuring the NEW! Buell ECMDroid Dongle Lite

Made in North America

Extension and Specialty Cables

Our 4Pin and 6Pin Harley and Buell Extension Cables have been a big hit! We now offer a number of specialty cables such as Splitter & Y-Cables, 4PinM-to-6PinF, 6PinM-to-4PinF and others. Each is constructed using High-Grade Shielded Cable and we offer various lengths. Our High-Grade Shielded Specialty Cables are ideal for Bike-mounted accessories or Diagnostic Tool Add-ons. Lengths include 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 inches, with Custom lengths and or Special Pin-Out configurations accommodated.

View Specialty Cables

ECM Tuning Cables and Wireless Dongles
For Buell Motorcycles

Our World Leading “Best-in-Class” Buell ECM Tuning Cables and ECM Wireless Tuning Dongles are designed to connect Buell ECMs to a PC or other Smart Device, for Engine Performance Tuning.

All our cable products include "Shielding” properties in order to combat both EMI and extraneous power surge interference that affect unshielded cable conductors in high-noise (electrical interference) ECM Tuning environments.

Additionally, our Buelldroid ECM Wireless Tuning Dongles provide interference-free communications to your PC or Smart Devices, for distances range of 30 feet, ideal for mobile data logging.

ECU Data-Link Cables
For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

For Harley Davidson Diagnostics and Tuning we offer Full-Value J1850 and CAN Bus Compliant Harley-Davidson Data-Link Replacement Cables to connect the Harley ECU with a Tune System Box.

We build and stock both J1850 (4 Pin) & CAN Bus (6 Pin)Compliant Shielded Cables using the Deutsch Connector System and the Data Standards DB9 connectors for Motorcycle ECM to Tune System Box Interface. We also provide KIT packages which include a USB Data Cable and 4-Pin and 6-Pin bundled configurations. These cables are designed to work with OEM (Harley Scream'n Eagle SERT, SESPT, and SERPT as well as other manufacturer’s Tune System Boxes such as Mastertune by TTS; all widely available Harley Screamin' Eagle Black and Orange Tuning Boxes, and Mastertune Blue and Green Tuning Box Configurations.

Why Buy from Us?

Better Products - Higher Performance - Quality Built ...and Priced just Right!

We strive to develop, produce and market high-quality, affordable, and durable products based on varying Serial Communication Protocols, having a specific purpose or use requirement; as do all our current and future ECM connectivity products.

Featuring World Class Technology

  EAS™ Technology

eas™ logo products are made with calFABco’s proprietary Encapsulated Anti-Stress ™ technology ; EAS™. This feature alone, sets our products apart from other functionally and aesthetically similar products. The advantage of incorporating EAS™ within the wiring design is two-fold; the first being the ability for cable assemblies having side-by-side signal and power requirements for consumer-grade configurations which transition to industrial and commercial grade wiring for use with significantly larger wire gauge conductors and crimp terminals to accommodate existing OEM mating to connectorization requirements. The second advantage, having equal significance and benefit, is that of the EAS™ transitioning method, provisions Cable and Dongle products to withstand higher than normal stress and strain forces which would in most cases cause a failure at the point of termination. These forces, would in all cases induce failure due to separation, shearing, or breaking apart, if not using and EAS™-based solution.

Shielded Solution

Stripped Wire Showing Shield Within Wire

Our products implement a "Shielded Cable" solution to combat both EMI and extraneous power surge interference that affect unshielded cable conductors in high-noise (electrical interference) ECM Tuning environments and provide a higher degree of accuracy when optimizing Motorcycle Engine Performance. No known competitor declares use of a "Shielded" implementation, and none provide transition capabilities from varying wire gauges to connector assemblies.

Head with USB Icon

Embedded Design Expertise in USB, USB3, RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, Wired/Wireless, and Controls, Sensors, and other related IoT Systems and Technologies

Our Award Winning Design Team have been building Serial Communication based products since the early 1980s, encompassing the Evolved-Serial Technologies including USB, USB3, RF, Bluetooth, and WiFi. We maintain relationships with Members of a number of the Evolved-Serial Technologies including those of USB-IF, Bluetooth SIG, and WiFi Alliance, and several USB, Bluetooth, WiFi and RF Embedded Chip Companies.

Quality Icon

Quality Workmanship

Each product is made using the highest degree of quality workmanship; beginning at the design stage and maintained throughout the complete fabrication and testing stages. Attention to every step of the way.

We are firmly committed to providing Best-in-Class, reliable ECM products and include 30Day Limited Warranty at minimum, on each of our ECM Products.

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Recertified products help save money when buying an ECM Cable. Our recertified or refurbished products started out as either Customer Returns (RMA), or production units that did not initially pass QA inspection. These items may have minor cosmetic issues (scratches, etc.) which do not affect the performance of the unit, and carry the same warranty, and same return policy, as our NEW products. Recertified items are available ONLY from OUR on-line stores, for a limited time, and only while supplies last. Since these products are sold at a substantially reduced price, discounts or other special offers do not apply.

Commercial Grade

Deutsch Pins and Sockets on wires

Each component is carefully selected to comply with the engineered usage criteria and design specification, of each finished product. Both components and fabrication processes are specifically focused to ensure highest degree of compliance in terms of grade, type, and temperature rating.


New Online Ticket Support System

We've recently launched our new Support Portal at to provide ticket-based service and helpful information to further support our products and processes. Making our products available through our Online Shop and on Ebay, has shown us that a single-point Support Portal would serve our Customers, better in every way.


We are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use, and or misuse, and or lack of knowledge and/or lack of understanding of either or both the product, the associated products, and or the combined products or use there of, including but not limited to the alteration of factory ECM settings in any way or form, and or of the laws relating to such alterations and or changes to emissions, and or emission output, by use of the product and or associated products.

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