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Electronic-Links International Canada

ECM USB Tuning Cable for Buell Motorcycles

Buell Motorcycle to ECM USB Tuning Cable to Laptop, Computer or Device

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  • Why Buy from Us?

    We strive to develop, produce and market high-quality, affordable, and durable products based on USB or Serial Communications, having a specific purpose or requirement, as do all our current and future ECM connectivity products.

  • ECM to PC Link Solutions

    All our cables are designed, manufactured and tested both in-house and with our fabrication partners in North America, using only quality products for both commercial and industrial use. Our new and soon-to-be-released wired and wireless products will also be North American Made and sold globally.

  • USB Expertise

    Our Design Team have been building Serial based products since the early ‘80s, and have close ties to leading USB Chip companies.

  • Commercial Grade

    Every component is carefully selected to comply with the engineered use and design specification, with particular focus on grade, type, and temperature ratings.

  • Quality Workmanship

    Each product is made using the highest degree of quality workmanship; beginning at the design stage and maintained throughout the complete fabrication and testing stages. Attention to every step of the way.

  • Warranty

    We are firmly committed to providing best-in-class, reliable ECM products and include a 30 Day Limited Warranty on each of our ECM Products.

  • Recertified

    Recertified products help save money when buying an Buell ECM Cable. Our recertified or refurbished products started out as either Customer Returns (RMA), or production units that did not initially pass QA inspection. These items may have minor cosmetic issues (scratches, etc.) which do not affect the performance of the unit, and carry the same warranty, and same return policy, as our NEW products. Recertified items are available ONLY from our on-line store, for a limited time only, while supplies last. Since these products are sold at a substantially reduced price, discounts or other special offers do not apply.